Borland software corporation goodwill and other intangible

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Cases in financial reporting

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Borland Software Corporation-goodwill and other intangible assets Essay

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Borland Software Corporation-goodwill and other intangible assets Essay

Borland Software Corporation Case Study Concepts A) Intangible assets are operational assets that lack physical substance. However, the future economic benefits that are derived from intangible assets are usually less certain than tangible operational assets.

The statement of cash flows shows that Borland spent a large portion of its expenditure on acquisitions of different companies (Legadero, TeraQuest, and Segue Software), technologies, and investments that include goodwill and intangibles, which further supports this analysis.

More Essay Examples on Software Rubric. The financial reporting process is governed by accounting rules and standards, managerial incentives, and enforcement and monitoring mechanisms - Borland Software Corporation-goodwill and other intangible assets Essay introduction.

It is important for a user of financial information to understand the financial reporting environment along with the. Chapter 02 - Financial Reporting and Analysis Chapter 2 Financial Reporting and Analysis REVIEW Financial statements are the most visible products of a company‘s financial reporting process.

Goodwill is an intangible asset, probably the most intangible of all intangible assets, hard to measure and even more difficult to account for.

Intangible Assets Essay

Goodwill today constitutes a much larger part of acquisition prices than it did previously, resulting in a much greater impact on financial statements.

Borland software corporation goodwill and other intangible
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